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Greater Shefford Hospital


AAW Blood Fridge Monitoring Customer has a need to monitor 6 blood fridges; each fridge requires both air and core temperatures to be logged. All fridges are in the same room but the system will be viewed and administered remotely both on and offsite, the customer also wants the ability to extend the system to include Chaddleworth Hospital at a later date.
Although the site is manned 24hrs a day, key staff need to be alerted if the temperature exceeds limits and also require daily logs with graphs to be sent daily


AAW Recommends


Due to the need for multi-user accountability and possible future expansion we recommend a WebREACT system and dual input IT's with display. The system offers the following key features:

  • Web based interface offering multi-user, multi-site accessibility and expandability
  • Full screen site plan and pictures of each fridge monitored
  • Password protected, per user permissions and logging
  • Graphing of all points and multi-point average lists
  • Calibration and reporting functions
  • Fully UKAS certified with online calibration certificates
  • Simple configuration and administration from within the interface
  • Email, SMS and dialout functions on alarm trigger
  • Daily reports and graphs via email


Putting The System Together

Like the RIOT Station System in Example 1 this system consists of 3 parts.



1. The RIOT

AAW RIOT Unit The 'RIOT' or 'Remote Input Output Transceiver' is the building block of most of our systems. The RIOT can have 16 analogue inputs for connection to temperature sensors, all 16 inputs can also be used in 4 to 20mA mode for connection to other input sources; resistance templates can be set up and applied to any or all of the inputs allowing interface with almost any source. Other wired options include a 16 input expansion board giving the RIOT 32 analogue or 4 to 20mA inputs, an MDM interface for connecting to existing Woodley or Danfoss MDM systems. The RIOT has 3 digital outputs which can be connected to switchable external devices such as an alarm, siren, flashing light or text messaging unit.


An optional radio interface can be added making the RIOT act as a wireless hub for it's 'IT' radio units, a single RIOT can handle up to 300 radio units, if more are required multiple RIOTS can be used on the same system.


'IT' Radio Units

AAW Display Product Temp IT 'IT' Units (Information Transceivers) are wireless devices usually acting as temperature sensors, in normal operation they record and send data back to the RIOT unit where is it stored; IT's also have their own onboard storage which lasts up to 7 days so if for any reason communication is interrupted no data is lost and the backlog will be sent as soon as communication resumes; battery life under normal conditions is more than 1 year.
There are many different options and types of IT but Greater Shefford Hospital require both core and air temperatures to be monitored so we are using dual input IT's, staff will be checking the fridges daily so we have included a display on each IT which shows the current temperature and alarm limits. To simulate an accurate core temperature inside the fridge one of the 2 sensors is mounted inside a sample bottle which contains 200ml water, other solutions are available depending on application.


WebREACT Overview Page

The WebREACT System

The WebREACT system is a bespoke web server based system accessible from any authorized internet connection and device. The system is based around a plan of the site which zooms when an area is clicked to display the current temperatures, when a fridge is in alarm it flashes orange and a siren is triggered the system will also send any email, text or SMS warnings.

Each user at the Hospital will have their own login username and password, any changes to the system or alarm acknowledgements are logged for that user, in addition users can be given management rights allowing full access to the system and settings. 

WebREACT is not only a multi user system it is multi platform too, viewable on any device using a webkit browser such as Apples iPhone / iPad, Nokia N series or Android devices. A full plan is displayed and users have full control over the system including viewing graphical data, acknowledging alarms and configuring settings.





Bespoke Plan Alarm List WebREACT Room Screen Batch Reporting Iphone Interface

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us 01635 248589

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