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Gas Monitoring

Camelford Labs have 2 main locations they wish to monitor and they can be broken down as follows:

Lab 1

  • 16 x Blood fridges with wired temperature sensors already in place from previous Woodley Micromon system
  • 2 x New blood fridges not on previous system


Plant Room

  • 6 x R22 Gas
  • 4 x Nh3 Gas


Their requirements are for a multi user accountable system, each user is to be given a username and password and must log in before making any changes to the system. The system is going to be used both locally (in Lab 1) and remotely by trust management, the system must produce reports and notify staff via email, sms and telephone dialout when there is a problem; the system must also back up data offsite and provide dual redundancy in the event of hardware failure.


AAW Recommends

Due the the multi user nature of the system we would suggest a webREACT system, internet based and running from a PC located on site it can be accessed by almost any internet connected device. Each user has their own login details and users with management rights can permit or deny them access to areas of the system. The webREACT system records the incoming data and in the event of an alarm can notify staff via SMS, email, pager or telephone; data is saved locally and a copy pushed to AAW servers where a mirror system is available should there be a hardware failure,



Lab 1

Camelford Labs previously had a Woodley Micromon installed so 16 of the fridges already have sensors installed, these would be checked and calibrated prior to installation but assuming they are all working can be connected directly to our RIOT unit; the 2 remaining new fridges can be monitored by our 'IT' radio units which have both core and air sensors, the core is mounted inside a 200ml sample bottle which is filler with liquid to provide a very accurate simulated temperature, as they are radio they have a minimal installation cost.


Plant Room

We will provide 6 x R22 and 4 x Nh3 gas 'IT' radio units, each unit features an LED warning display and siren. All IT gas units include a temperature sensor and send both temperature and gas data back to the webREACT system where it is displayed graphically and reports / alarms generated. We understand that some environments can be harsh so all our IT units are designed and manufactured to IP67 standards and constructed in stainless steel for the best possible durability, if you have a specific requirement or concern please do contact us on 01635 248589 we would be pleased to help and will always try to offer a solution.


How Does It Work?

The system comprises of 3 parts:


The sensors / IT units


Our systems can use most sensor types on the market and are fully compatible with all Woodley / Danfoss equipment. Our IT radio units and designed and manufactured by AAW to the highest standards, they provide unrivalled functionality and durability whilst keeping installation and ownership costs to a minimum. With a range of 200m they record and transmit their data back to an AAW RIOT unit where it is stored, if communication is lost for any reason they can store up to 10 days of data all of which is transmitted once communications come back up, to increase an IT's range we can use 'repeaters' which can be daisy chained providing almost unlimited range; It's use internal batteries which can be replaced easily every 1-2 years.


The RIOT Panel 

The AAW RIOT panel acts as a hub for attached wired sensors and any radio 'IT' units; the RIOT panel is very configurable and can be used with sensors, radios, MDM's, 4 to 20mA or connected directly to existing equipment. The RIOT stores all data to it's internal memory or XD card if installed, it also acts as a webserver and can be accessed over HTTP, the 3 relays can be triggered by alarm or fault conditions and shifts set up for each point allowing total control. A range of external devices are available for connection to the RIOT including telephone autodialler, flashing light, external siren and text messaging unit. In the event of an alarm the RIOT will start to flash it's bright LED's and sound a siren, alarms can be acknowledged via the front panel or via the FREE RIOTstation software.


The PC

We provide a slimline desktop PC running Windows 7 and our special WebREACT software. The software has been specially designed based on feedback from our customers; it is the most complete, user friendly and fully featured system available on the market and provides an unrivalled user experience. Via the PC's internet connection users all over the world can access and administer the system securely, each area of the system can be allowed or denied on a per user basis. Please see here for more information on the WebREACT software.


Putting It All Together

The 16 wired sensors and 2 radios will be located at Lab 1, they will be connected to a RIOT Panel located in the office, also in the office will be the PC with a fixed IP internet connection. The PC will pull data back from the RIOT in real time and display a site plan with the data overlayed it will also push data back to AAW servers and react to alarm conditions in the configured way by sending SMS, email and dialling out. The PC will be the main point of contact for users and provides an excellent user friendly interface. 

The Plant Room is in a separate building but is on the company network**, the gas IT's will wirelessly send their data back to the RIOT where it will be stored until requested by the PC (every 30 seconds), should communication fail the RIOT can hold up to 7 days of data all of which will be transmitted once communication is back up. Staff in the plant room can acknowledge alarms directly on the RIOT panel or access the webREACT system from their PC.


When Problems Occur

  • In the event of a RIOT failure IT radio units store up to 10 days of data and will transmit as soon as a RIOT becomes available
  • In the event of a PC failure the RIOT Panel stores up to 7 days of data and can also be accessed from AAW where a duplicate copy of your site is hosted, users can then log into and use our copy until the PC is back on line.


** If a network connection is not available we have a range of solutions including N3 for NHS sites.

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