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Plant Monitoring

Farringdon Fruit Juices

FFJ have a requirement for plant monitoring. Their existing systems have 4 to 20mA outputs indicating ‘OK’ or ‘Fail’. They have 2 sets of 3 packs adjacent to each other, each set of 3 is within a 5m area. Currently there is no requirement for an interface just the ability to acknowledge alarms and an telephone dial out facility. The site is remote and has no internet connection available so the data will be backed up periodically.

AAW Recommends

A single RIOT panel with radio interface can be configured to monitor 4 to 20mA inputs, as each pack of 3 is within a tight area we can use 2 x triple input 4 to 20mA IT’s. Using IT’s provides a certain amount of flexibility as to RIOT position and allows addition inputs to be added simply in future.

As no PC interface is required the system can operate without a network connection saving data to an XD card which can be restored using the FREE RIOTstation software, they do not have a phone line so dial out will be handled by our GSM autodialler which will be connected directly to the RIOT and can SMS up to 9 different users.

Future Proof

The AAW RIOT panel forms the base for all our systems. Up to 100 additional radio sensors can be added to monitor almost any piece or equipment, the FREE RIOTstation software is provided with all RIOT panels and can be used to on a PC to interrogate and administer the RIOT system, additionally there is the option of a full webREACT system providing an internet based multi user accountable system and stunning interface based on actual site plans, a range of hardware additions are also available that fit almost any requirement. If you have something in mind please do call us on 01635 248589 we have a wealth of experience and would be pleased to help.

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