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Van Monitoring

Leckhampstead Logistics

Leckhampstead Logistics have 3 vans in which to monitor temperature at both air off and product. When delivering product they want to give the customer a printed ticket showing the driver name and a temperature report from the journey, they also want to set min and max limits and have the driver informed should the temperature exceed them.



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We have a range of Van IT’s available each unit covers all the requirements listed above. Featuring a small thermal printer mounted in the van it can print a range of reports including average temps over journey; an LED indicating shows when temperatures have exceeded limits and data is stored on the IT.




The standard IT unit holds up to 10 days of data but for long term record keeping a RIOT panel can be added either connected to a PC or using an internal XD card it can synchronize data with each of the Vans upon return to the depot and graphically display it for further interrogation. Van IT’s can be added to a webREACT system to provide a complete web based monitoring solution for both factory and vehicles.

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