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SCUFFLE  - Supervisory Control unit for Flexible Logging Environments


Designed for 2 markets - Advanced Alarm Dial-Out/Auto-dialler and Temperature/Process monitoring.

The Scuffle is a smaller version of the RIOT still packaged in a Stainless Steel enclosure 105.5mm(H) x 50mm(D) x 139mm(W), but it has greater capabilities other than the quantity of wired inputs and how often they are read.

The scuffle has a small colour touch screen display for showing the current point status and graphical data with a siren to let people know when there is an alarm. It is great for standalone applications and you still have the option for a local dial out, text messaging, emailing and printing.

The Scuffle can push its status and historical data via its wired Ethernet port and/or its WiFi or GSM options back to RIOT Station software or a WebREACT server so that the status, alarms etc can be viewed and controlled via the internet with a PC and/or mobile device.

The Scuffle has up to 8 wired inputs that can read multiple temperature sensors, Woodley 8, PT1, PT2, PT3, PT1000, PT100 3 wire (via seperate hardware build), and or more thermocouples (via seperate interface board), Humiditiy/Temperature sensor, Digital Status signals, any sensor with 4 -20mA output (4 off) and it has a single NO/NC relay on the main board for connecting to a Building Management System or other devices.

The Scuffle also has an RS232 serial port for connecting a small 42 line thermal printer or GPS tracking device, an RS485 port which can be configured for Third Party or MODBUS communications, a USB slave connection for local communications with a PC running RIOT Station software and a USB master connection which allows a USB data key to be plugged in for extended data storage/backup or a PSTN modem auto-dialler.

The Scuffle has internal memory which can hold up to 6 months of data for 4 inputs reading once a minute, but it can effectively hold an unlimited amount of data via a USB Data Key (as long as the USB device is left plugged in).

The Scuffle has an SMS, GSM/GPRS option that allows for a Pay As You Go or Contract SIM to be inserted so that it can dial, text and/or email out on an alarm condition without the need for a phone line, computer and modem or a seperate autodialler.

screen shot from AAW scuffle

The Scuffle has a Wifi option so that you do not have to cable back to a hub, router or PC to communicate to RIOT Station software or a WebREACT server. 

The Scuffle has an optional IT radio interface which allows it to talk to a maximum of 32 IT sensor inputs.

The Scuffle is supplied with 100 to 240VAC supply which also charges the optional 4 NiMH batteries that enable it to continue to monitor and alarm out for up to 3 days (with reduced functionality) in the event of power failure.

With the planned development over the next 3 months the Scuffle will be able to use the GPRS mobile network to push data and GPS location information back to an internet based server allowing the Scuffle to be used in remote temperature monitoring and vehicle tracking applications. 

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