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Simple Scuffle System

The scuffle is designed to provide a simple low cost user friendly monitoring solution. A basic example of this might be a customer who has 4 fridges to be monitored which are located close together, they already have a wifi network and a spare pc; temperatures need to be viewable on the PC and emails sent out on alarm.

AAW would suggest a simple wifi Scuffle unit with 4 wired sensors and some PC software.


Using it's wifi board the scuffle will join the wifi network and assign itself an IP using DHCP. Once on the network the Scuffle will record and send back it's temperature data to the PC running RIOTstation software, data is then viewable as a list of temperatures or on a graph showing all historic data.

RIOTstation software provides a user friendly interface from which to view data and wirelessly administer the Scuffle unit. When an alarm occurs a siren is sounded on both the Scuffle and PC and alarm emails are sent out warning users of the situation, alarms can be acknowleged on both the Scuffle and PC.

The Scuffle features an LCD touch screen display on which the settings can be changed and graphs plotted giving users in the production area with correct privaledges the ability to query and administer the system from the touch screen interface.

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