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Larger Scuffle System

A customer requires monitoring for 8 inputs in 3 locations. Points are to be monitored in a sensitive area so cabling needs to be minimal, they also require a printed copy of the data and SMS messages to be sent out when an alarm occurs on some of the points; they have a spare PC in their office which is to be used for monitoring purposes but no internet connection is available on site.

AAW would suggest a Scuffle unit to be located next to one the locations featuring 2 wires inputs, the other locations will be monitored by IT radio units with dual input sensors requiring only 1 IT in each area. The Scuffle is to be fitted with a GSM board allowing TXT messages to be sent over the mobile network and a thermal printer can be connected directly providing a real time hard copy of data and alarms.

RIOTstation software will be provided on CD giving them a user friendly PC based interface from which to administer and view data on the Scuffle, the PC will be connected via standard RJ45 network connections using either DHCP or a fixed IP address.

The Scuffles touch screen display can be used to view graphs, acknowledge alarms and administer the system without the need for PC connection.

If you have a specific requirement in mind please call our technical department on 01635 248589 we would be pleased to discuss your requirements.




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