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WebREACT monitoring and control systems are designed to cater for the small corner shop through to the large multi site processing plants, from a basic 4 points to over 10,000 points.

The user friendly interface has been designed to be used within a standard web Browser found on every Internet enabled PC. The web has provided the scalability for multiple users from different departments to review temperatures, pressures, flow rates etc and manage their area of responsibility.

The webREACT overview is based on a site CAD drawing providing a true representation of the site being monitored. The system is incredibly easy to use; clicking on the overview zooms into the plan and the process variables become visible, another click displays the area/item picture with the current values and status of the inputs.

Any logged data in the past/present can be selected via the date and time controls and one or more monitored areas selected.The graph can be zoomed in and double clicked to pinpoint an exact time and it's corresponding values. All setpoints and parameters relating to that point/group are just one mouse click away. The averages page displays the last 24hrs data data in a tabular form and using the date delimiters can display up to 1yr on a single page. The alarm page shows when the alarm occurred, when it was acknowledged, when it returned within limits and a comment can be placed against it with the acknowledging users details, pre-defined comments can be set by users with management access and the complete history searched via keyword and/or date. Alarms can be sent by email, text, pager or telephone and timed logs can be sent by email.

webreact running on my iphone

Calibration certificates are both created and held on the system, when an engineer carries out his calibration on site he will enter the values onto your system both creating a UKAS Certified report and adjusting the offset values on the RIOT panel leaving you with a calibrated certified system. The reports section also creates and displays IQ, OQ and PQ reports mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry they provide a means to test areas of the system and store the reports created, it is possible to take a snapshot of the current system configuration and store it as a report with user defined comments. Batch reports allow a report to be created covering a defined time span and range of inputs, the report includes a graph on which a comment can be placed and is ideal for documenting anomalies in the data.

Any number of users can be added to the system, each user has defined roles, rights and access levels; on a large site users can be given their own 'home plan' to which they are diverted after login

Sites with online service contracts can be automatically upgraded with continuously enhanced webREACT software and telephone support is available 24/7.

The webREACT system comes pre-loaded on a Windows PC that is connected to the internet via a broadband line and dedicated IP address. this safe guards customers internal network and visa versa; if connection into the system is a concern you should look at our Scuffle systems which 'Push' data out of the network rather than requiring a connection in.

3G mobile web: option enables authorised users to access, review the data and configure the system from anywhere in the world at anytime.


Transport: Options for automatic upload of data as vehicles return to the depot, see 'Van Monitoring'.


HACCP: Delivery and QA checking of product and area/room temperatures via the IT HACCP/QA unit which automatically downloads data to the system with dedicated WebREACT screens to allow for additional comments to be entered and reports to be produced.  



Bespoke Plan Alarm List WebREACT Room Screen Batch Reporting Iphone Interface
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