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IT Radio Units

What Are IT's?

Chef using ITAAW IT units are used to form a wireless network using our special radio frequency and collect data from your site. Considerable savings can be made by using a wireless network as the installation costs of a hard wired system typically exceed the equipment costs.

Most IT units are battery powered and can be placed inside rooms or case with no further wiring costs; a wireless network is also ideal when the monitored items are mobile or require severe cleaning. 

An IT's range can be extended using one or more repeater units which can also have there own inputs. All ITs self learn the network topoligy and can be easily moved with no loss of communication, if for any reason and IT looses radio contact it will buffer the data for up to 10 days transmitting back when connection is re-established.

The IT are housed in a tough stainless steel enclosure.

  • The IT (Input Transceiver) radio network system allows for 1 to 10,000 IT units logging data back to RIOT radio master units.
  • IT units come in multiple options all of which are available with or without a display.
  • The display version defaults to large character mode that can be read over a large distance. The 3 line mode is operational when viewing highest and lowest values and within the configuration pages.
  • IT's can transmit over a wide area and even from within stainless steel fridge or freezers. Repeaters are available to increase the distance and to resolve any poor signal locations.
  • IT's can log any measured variable from Temperature and Humidity to any Voltage or Current input.
  • The robust stainless steel case allows the IT's to work within plant rooms and wash down environments.

IT's include single and multiple inputs, HACCP / QA probe, Big Red, input repeater and VAN options. By utilizing radio technology the IT units allow a site to be monitored without the expensive installation costs associated with a wired monitoring network and have the additional benefits easy low cost expansion through the purchase of additional IT units.

Product Details

 AAW IT PROBESIT units come with various sensor options, short probe, stab probe, coiled hand probe, low temperature wired probe and a flat flexible cabled probe.

Mains powered IT Repeater options also include monitoring of all input types.

If an IT loses communication it will alarm after the delay period has expired, the IT will continue to log and when it comes back on line it will download the data that it stored.

The QA IT function allows the operator to select the area / room to be tested and the relevant set point for that room will be displayed and all data subsequently logged would appear within the relevant room on the webREACT system and within the webREACT QA screen additional comments can be added. All the test that operators complete are listed within the QA screen, on selection the relevant comment a graph of the logged data would be displayed.

The HACCP IT function allows users to carry out instantaneous checks on areas, product, deliveries etc. A test can be started by selection of product name, when finished a Pass or Fail result is displayed based on configured limits. The time and date stamped result is stored together with the relevant information.

The VAN IT unit is a self contained monitoring unit that has it's high and low set points downloaded to it when within range of the master unit. If it goes above a set point for longer than the delay time it will enable the digital output, which can switch a relay load to power a siren or strobe output.

The Big Red IT is a 4 digit large format LED display, that can be read from over 30m away, originally developed for Rolls Royce it is perfect for use within a lab or industrial environment..

All IT units will automatically download their data including alarms and test results to the webREACT system when within range of the master repeater unit, data can be viewed and the system administered from the RIOTstation or webREACT interface..



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