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WebREACT software for 32 inputs

WebREACT software for 32 inputs
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Model: 32 input WebREACT software for a Windows computer.
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 WebREACT monitoring and control systems are designed to cater for the small corner shop through to the large multi site processing plants, from a basic 4 points to over 10,000 points.

Requires a RIOT Panel and a standard Windows computer  to work.

The front end user friendly interface has been designed to be used by a standard WEB Browser which is found on every Internet enabled PC. The WEB has provided the scalability for multiple users from different departments to review temperatures, pressures, flow rates etc and manage their area of responsibility.

The webREACT overview is based on a site CAD drawing so that there is a true representation of the site being monitored. All the screen views show how easy the system is to use. Clicking on the overview zooms into the plan and the process variables become visible, another click displays the area/item picture, with the current values and status of the inputs.

Any logged data in the past/present can be selected via the date and time.The graph can be zoomed in and the time and date is displayed at the cursor. All setpoints and parameters relating to that point/group are just one mouse click away from the room page (setpoints, alarm delays shift times, email logs and alarms). The average page displays the data in tabular form. The alarm page shows when the alarm occurred, when it was acknowledged, when it returned within limits and a comment can be placed against theacknowledging of the alarm. Alarms can be sent by email, text or pager and timed logs can be sent by email, which again can be viewed within an internet browser.


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WebREACT software for 32 inputs
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