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4 Trigger Scuffle Dial-out Unit

4 Trigger Scuffle Dial-out Unit
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Model: AAW-101-360
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Available Options:
Special NiMH Batteries x 4:
Dialout Scuffle PC Software:

  The Scuffle dial out unit is designed to greatly enhanced functionality over a standard auto dialler unit, it's features include:

  • 4 wired Triggers with varable threshholds (eg. tempreture sensor, humidity, normaly open/closed, ect, ect, ect.)
  • GSM dial out without the need for a phone line (sim not included)
  • Telephone dial out
  • Email Out
  • Text Message out
  • 1 configurable relay output
  • Allows 2 way comms and acknowledgement of alarms / dialouts
  • Battery backup in case of power failure

PC software is available providing a simple desktop interface for configuration and management of the unit.

To find out more about Scuffle and it's uses please see the examples section to the left or call our technical department on 01635 248589 or use the LIVE CHAT option in the top right hand of the page we would be happy to help.







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4 Trigger Scuffle Dial-out Unit
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